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Sangre de Cristo Chaplain Services

Sangre de Cristo Chaplain Services

Non-Profit Organizations

About Us

Sangre de Cristo Chaplain Service is dedicated to help, give aid and comfort, provide counsel, and serve our community in a professional and ethical manner.

We are a 501c3 non-profit, multi-denominational, Christian organization founded in March 2010.

Our primary purpose is secular - to meet the physical and emotional needs of those we serve. Our secondary purpose is spiritual support or guidance, and is administered in a legal, ethical, and respectful manner. (Chaplains neither proselytize nor mandate religious agendas.)

Sangre de Cristo Chaplains are unpaid volunteers who are trained, certified, and called to serve their fellow man in and through the love of Christ. Our goal is to bring comfort through counseling in complete confidence. We are also available to be on-scene when something has gone - or is going - wrong to help meet the physical and emotional needs of those involved, and afterward for group or individual debriefing.

Sangre de Cristo Chaplain Services is not a one-stop-shop for every need. We do endeavor to connect people to any and all resources that we can in order to provide the appropriate assistance for the need at hand.

Our Chaplains are available on-call for Law Enforcement, Fire Department, and First Responder personnel, and by appointment for the community.

Chaplain Hotline: (505) 695-1422.


New Chaplains Nov 2019
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New Chaplains NOV2019
Chaplain J Hall and Hall jr. NOV 2019
Chaplain Randy Badging Ceremony 6AGU14
Chaplain Jeri Badging Ceremony 6AUG14
Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics 29MAY14
EPD Appreciation Gift 18APR14
EFD Appreciation Gift 18APR14
Talache's Cadets

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